A fitting tribute to Jo Cox

Next weekend HOPE not hate supporters around the country are holding #MoreInCommon events in their local communities to remember and celebrate the life of Jo Cox, the Yorkshire MP who was murdered in June.

Jo Cox, the Yorkshire MP who was murdered in June

The centerpiece will be a large community fun day in Batley, Jo’s hometown. There will be some large-scale city and town centre activities, such as a food and cultural festival in Bradford, but also smaller community and even neighbourhood events, including community picnics and bulb planting sessions.

We even have ‘cup of tea’ events, where strangers get together to talk about their community over a friendly cuppa. Nothing is too small to try.

Our #MoreInCommon weekend is a wonderful opportunity to join in fun days, sports activities, hear or sample food & music both local and exotic, and meet other members of your local community – whether it be around a picnic blanket in the park, or at a larger event in one of several cities around the UK.

The aim is to have fun, but the intent is serious: to show that, like Jo Cox said, we have more in common than that which divides us.

If there is not a local event then why don’t you organise something, even if it is just to bring a few neighbours together or share a pot of tea with someone you don’t know well.

We can supply materials for whatever type of event you want to put on.

While nothing we can do will bring Jo back, we want to provide a fitting tribute to her memory – and legacy – and put back some optimism into our sometimes-divided neighbourhoods.

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