July 20, 2016


Organise a #MoreInCommon event in your community

In addition to the large scale public events, we are encouraging people to host their own #MoreInCommon events in their local communities as a way of bringing local people together.

It might be as simple as putting on a BBQ and inviting your neighbours you’ve been meaning know or encouraging families in your street to meet in the local park for a community picnic.

We have come up with a few ideas as to what you might do. This of course is not an exclusive list and if you have any ideas then please let us know and we will add them here:

Take the Tea challenge

Share a pot of tea with someone you don’t know or wouldn’t normally sit down with, take a picture and tell us what you have in common – and we will send you a HOPE not hate tea mug.

Register your interest with [email protected]